Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Corrosion inhibitor XY-1


The product is of alkaline, a compound showing the characteristics of antisepsis and corrosion inhibition. The product finds a wide application in light oil distillate equipment for antisepsis and corrosion inhibition in atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, hydrogenation and visbreaking facilities in the oil refinery instead of former “three injection” process. In terms of application and performance, the product is simple to dose and easy to prepare for antisepsis and corrosion inhibition, while regulating the PH value in condensate water separated from light oil is bigger than 6.0 which can make the rate of corrosion inhibition bigger than 90%. The adding of the product will not result in crystals or sediments. Therefore, there is no worry about blocking in pipelines or pollution to the environment.






Colorless or light yellow transparency liquid

Density (20℃), g/cm3         


Water soluble                 

Dissolve in water

Nitrogen content, %        ≥



3、Applications,Storage and Package

1) The injecting dose of the product is about 50-200ppm in proportion to the dose of  light oil distillate. The dose is calculated by the PH value of condensate water separated from light oil. It is usually to keep PH>6.0, while corrosion inhibition rate >90%.

For those former processes adopting “three injection” facilities, the existing ammonia tank or corrosion inhibition tank can be used to prepare aqueous solution which is to be injected by the ready metering pump. No need to install any new equipment.

2) Kept in cool, and ventilated warehouse without impact.

3) 180kg net /Iron drum