Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Anti-oxidant for gasoline XY-1

1、    Introduction

The product is of both anti-gelling agent and anti-oxidant based on amine. It is an ideal   additive especially for pyrolysis or thermal gasoline. With the gasoline refined in due course, adding this product can effectively prevent olefins from oxidation to gelling formation that stability of gasoline can be improved. As a result, the carbon accumulation can be avoided in the combustion chamber, piston top, cylinder head and other parts related. In comparison with other amine antioxidants, this product shows the characteristics of smaller dose, faster induction period and better stability, etc.






Typical Data


Brown reddish

Brown reddish

Purity, %                 ≥



Ash, %                   ≤



Methanol Insoluble, %       ≤


Not detectable

Specific Gravity(20℃),g/cm



Solidifying point, ℃        ≤

- 15


Flashing Point,℃           ≥




3、Applications,Storage and Package

1) The product is mainly applied in modification of gasoline for its stability and some other oils as well. The product should be added to refined gasoline before it is out of the process facility. When gasoline is adopted for dilution, or injected by a pump, the adding dose shall vary with induction period of gasoline, i.e. 20-50ppm under normal conditions. In case oxygen in air dissolves in gasoline, the adding dose should be doubled with the upper limit no more than 100ppm. Otherwise the negative result will take place. 

2) Take care to keep the product in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse, away from fire and direct sunshine during storage.

3) 180kg net /Iron drum