Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Coking inhibitor for catalytic cracking XY-1


This product is a complex multi-functional additive, developed by mechanism of slurry scaling formation at the bottom of fractionator system. Applying the product at the bottom of fractionator within the normal operation limit can effectively suppress the scaling formation. Therefore, it can prolong the life time of the slurry pipeline system, lower energy consumption, and enhance economic efficiency. The product also shows a good performance of oil solubility, moderate viscosity, and easy operation, etc. Adopting of this product in catalytic cracking has no harmful effect on product distribution.







Red brown liquid


Density (20℃), g/cm3  


GB/T 2540-81

Dynamic viscosity (20℃),mm2/s   ≤


GB/T 265-88

Flashing point (open), ℃          ≥


GB/T 267-88

Solidifying point, ℃              ≤


GB/T 510-83

Mechanical admixture, %         ≤



Moisture, %                     ≤



3、Applications,Storage and Package

1) A storage tank of Inhibitor and one/two (1-2) pint-size metering pumps should be installed in slurry oil system (up to the actual site conditions). The filling hole of Inhibitor can be anywhere between the bottom of distillers and heat exchangers. Inhibitor can be fed into the tank without any processing and be poured into the oil system directly through metering pumps. The injecting dose of Inhibitor is about 50-100ppm in proportion to the slurry oil. In order to reach a required concentration in the system, at the beginning of injection, the injecting dose should double more or less that of normal operation.

2) Take care to keep the product in a clean, cool, dry, ventilated warehouse away from moisture and impurities during storage.

3)175kg net /Galvanized iron barrel