Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Long-effective Environmental Protection Type Coolant for vehicle

The product of Long-effective Environmental Protection Type Coolant for vehicles is developed by our company, which is qualified by Oil Examination Center of the People's Liberation Army General Logistics as per SH0521-1999 standard by passing all the bench tests.

The high-quality ethylene glycol (polyester grade) has been adopted for the base fluid of the product, in addition to which blended are a variety of special effective anticorrosion additives with low consumption of organic acids. The product does not contain any hazardous substance that be can be harmful to health or the environment such as nitrite, phosphate, and amines. Therefore, it is a green environmental friendly product. The excellent performance of anti-liner pitting makes the stability of coolant better.

This is a renewal product of the company with high quality and versatility that can satisfy the demand of domestic and foreign high-end users.

The product is up to the requirement of JT225-1996 《The conditions of safety use of engine coolant for vehicle  》.

Product standard: SH0521-1999