Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Scale inhibitor for atmospheric pressure residual oil XY-1


The product is a multi-functional composite additive developed by the mechanism of scaling formation of residue, being an additive showing a good dispersing ability to the insoluble suspended matters that are prevented from agglomeration and deposit. By adopting inhibitor at the bottom of distillers it can inhibit the formation of deposit at the normal operating temperature. The product is also reliable to prolong the life time of heat exchangers and pipelines with power consumption dropped and economic efficiency enhanced. The product has no harmful effect on product distribution in crude distillation units. The product is also of oil-solubility, moderate viscosity, and convenience for use..





Specification index



Amber liquid




GB/T 2540-81

Dynamic viscosity(20℃),mm2 /s   ≤


GB/T 265-88

Flash point(open),℃            ≥


GB/T 267-88

Solidifying point, ℃           ≤


GB/T 510-83

Moisture,  %                 <


GB/T 260-97

Mechanical impurity(%)         <


GB/T 511-88


1) The product is mainly used in heat exchanging system of residue, and it can be directly fed in between the residue pump outlet and the inlet of heat exchanger. The primary injecting dose can be more than normal about 100 PPM in proportion to residue. When the pipelines and the heat exchanging system are under normal operation, the dose injected can be up to 50 PPM of amount of vacuum residue.

2) The product should not be directly put in the sun and prevent water or other impurities from getting in. It should be kept away from sunlight, heating source, moisture and impurities, and away from spark.

3) 175kg net /Galvanized iron barrel