Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Yield increase agent for delayed coking and coke inhibition XY-1

1、  Introduction

This product mixed with raw material in fluid coker, after chemical reaction and physical change, it could not only enhance the coking liquid yield, but also restrain the coking in furnace tube by extending production cycle and coking cycle and enhancing economic efficiency.

This product is an oil-soluble liquid, which is not corrosive to equipment, easy added, no effect to the load of equipment..







Brown Liquid

Density (20℃), g/m3


Flash point (close),℃          ≥


Dynamic viscosity (20℃, mm2/s)


Solidifying point , ℃           ≤



3、Applications,Storage and Package

1) Application: The injection dose is 80~120ppm in terms of fresh feedstock .

The injection point is upstream to feedstock pump, by direct injection or with diluted fluid. Dilution ratio by diesel oil: 3~5(diesel oil):1 (the product). Firstly, pump the product auxiliary into storage, secondly add diesel oil, and then circulate the mixture by circulating pump, until well-proportioned.

2) Stored in a clean, dry, shady, cool and/or ventilated warehouse. Away from spark.

3) 180kg net /Galvanized iron barrel.