Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Dispersion and corrosion inhibitor for ethylene process water XY-1

1. Introduction:

This product is a multi-functional additive, which can control a variety of material corrosion. It is also susceptible to absorbing water and plays an important role in anti-fouling/scaling and demulsification.  It can disperse and remove the insoluble inorganic salt in the water to prevent the metal from scale formation and it can help not only to maintain the metal heat transfer effects but also can effectively eradicate the oil-in-water emulsion to reduce the oil content in the water; this product can also interfere with the electrochemical corrosive ion in the water and prevent corrosion by forming a film on the surface of metal.   

2, Specifications:





colorless or yellowish oily liquid

Density(20℃), g/cm3




Kinematical viscosity(20℃),  mm2/s


Solidifying point



3、Applications,Storage and Package

1) Inhibitor YZ-1 can be used for anti-fouling and demulsification in the systems of building water supply, air-conditioning water , and industrial circulating and process water.  Injection dosage is 10μg / g ~ 80μg / g.  It is suggested to clean the equipment and make routine observation and analysis of the impurities in original system in order to get the good effect. Generally speaking, the quantity required will be more than usual when the impurities (such as sulfur, oxygen, metal ions, etc.) are too high, the parameters (such as temperature, pressure, load, etc.) are harsh, and also high in oil content.  In order to make the auxiliary agent well-dispersed, it is necessary to locate the inject  point at the suction side of pumps . Be sure to avoid using polymeric material hose such as materials made of rubber for injection, stainless steel hose will be recommended. Pay attention to no mixing with other additives. The product can be injected evenly into the system at room temperature or in situ temperature, it can also be used after dilution as necessary.  


2) Storage: This additive is non-toxic and miscible with water, it is alkaline, non inflammable nor explosive.  Prevent it from being exposed to the sun, rain and impact during transportation.

3) Package: Plastic barrel, 200 ± 0.5 kilograms /barrel net.