Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Antioxidant XY-626


This product is soluble in benzene, chloroform, cyclohexane and other organic solvents, but insoluble in water, cold alcohol, and slight soluble in esters. This product is of low toxicity with good thermal stability and extraction of water-resistance, being effective in decomposing the hydrogen peroxide generated during thermal polymerization of process.

As a new generation of high-temperature-type antioxidant, this product shows an excellent performance of thermal stability and color protection with good light stability under the condition of high temperature(above 300℃),finding a wide application in polyolefin(PE , PP), PBT, PET, polypropylene fiber spinning, which undergo high-temperature processing and need high color protection under repeated high-temperature extrusion processing of plastic products with good performance. The product can also be used as light-resistant stabilizer such as synergist for benzophenone and benzotriazole.


2, Specifications:







White crystalline powder

Melting point 

≥ 170

Volatilization(80℃, 2hr)


≤ 1.0

Alkyl phenol



Acid Value

mgKOH / g

≤ 1


3、Applications,Storage and Package

1) The general dosage is 0.1 ~ 0.2%.

Normally, this product will not be used alone but compounded with antioxidant such as YZ-1010, YZ-1076 to improve the stability of the polymers during thermal process.  After mixed with the phenolic antioxidant, this product is widely used in polymer materials such as PE, PS, PP, polyamide, polycarbonate, and ABS etc..

2) Storage: This product is with high quality and no special requirements for storage, just keep the product out of moisture and heat. 

3) Package: Cardboard drum/carton with aluminum foil bag, 20 kg/drum(carton) net, shelf-life:6 months.