Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

Energy-saving & abrasion-resistant additive XYH-668


This product is a super lubricant additive, which may fully dissolve with basic petro-lubricants to form a protective film at the wearing surface. Therefore, the mechanical friction power may drop to the lowest level with energy saving, life time of equipment and maintenance period prolonged, and reliable operation of the plant realized, which becomes the first choice for the enterprises to their potential economic purpose.

The additive is applied to all kinds of machines based on mineral and mechanical lubricants, including all types of compressors, hydraulic systems, internal combustion engines, pumps; all other mechanical gears, like gear worms, shaft worms; and mechanical machining, metallurgical machines, mining machines, petrochemical equipment and paper making machines, etc.






Light brown

Density(20℃), g/cm3


Flashing Point(open),℃         ≥


Pour point,℃                 ≤


Dynamic viscosity (40℃),mm2/s  


Corrosion test(sheet copper, 100℃,3h)


Mechanical impure



1) Dropping of mechanical abrasion up to eighty percent (80%), while the lifetime of machines three to six times prolonged;

2) Energy-saving up to five to ten percent (5-10%);

3) Application period of lube oils three times prolonged;

4) Making lube oils show excellent protection properties at low temperature when startup and protective lubrication at high temperature.

5) Anti emulsification, anti-rust,and anti-corrosion;

6) Reduce the noise pollution of machines and improve working environment.



4、Applications,Storage and Package

1) To get an ideal effect, for the machineries to use the product first time, ten percent(10%) of the product is applied in proportion to lubricants under good working conditions. Thirty percent(30%) of the products is applied in proportion to lubricants under poor working conditions.

2) Kept in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, Handle with Care, guard against damage to package.

3) 20kg/40kg/200kg net Iron or plastic drum. Shelf life :two years.